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org.gersteinlab.tyna.webapp.config Contains classes for making system configurations. Contains classes for accessing data within the tYNA web application. 

Uses of ConfigException in org.gersteinlab.tyna.webapp.config

Methods in org.gersteinlab.tyna.webapp.config that throw ConfigException
static Config Config.newInstance()
          Get an instance of the class.

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Methods in that throw ConfigException
 void FileDataStore.storeNetworkFromObj(long tempId, Network network)
          Store a network from a serialized graph object.
 void FileDataStore.storeNetworkPerm(long tempId, Network network)
          Store a network permanently.

Constructors in that throw ConfigException
FileDataStore(javax.servlet.ServletContext context, javax.servlet.http.HttpSession session)
          Default constructor.
RDBDataStore(javax.servlet.http.HttpSession session)
          This method is used to get a connection to the database with configurations specified in the configuration file.